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So. What is the purpose of this website? 

This is NOT a life archive.

Making accessible Two Short Films; Three Shows; and a Lot of Articles : this was my start point.

The articles are what I most want to make available. They were written mostly while I was working with organisations and in mature-student education; and with a performing group. All relate to co-operative structures, collective decision-making, creativity.

I believe they are still (again) very much relevant today.

But (silly me, of course!): what an undertaking is a website! All those decades - unearthing, remembering. Some of it painful, or perplexing. What to keep, how to keep, what to chuck out - 

There is always a Context: Social, and Personal.  I am formed by the social, ideological, political and economic structures around me.  And how I see these structures, and how far I may have the possibility of acting upon them, is formed by me as a person.  DNA and Environment.  It is absolutely not to deny or exclude our DNA. The relation between DNA and environment is complex, and as yet very incompletely understood - though increasingly becoming so since the relatively new work on epigenetics.

So: the social context: what Iíve done articulates with what goes on around. And the personal context: what Iíve learned - a Mini-biography and a Gallery: family, friends, colleagues, some programmes, cuttings; Poems (more than Iíd realised!); a few Stories from the personal.  And of course that connection will be manifest in much of the material and be extended into some of the beliefs I hold and the positions I take.  So - yes, in a way this is after all a life archive - (seductive for me and from feedback I get for others also!). It is all part of what I want to leave behind - to my dear family, and my dear friends, and my dear colleagues - and intended as a context for what is IN THE ARTICLES. They are what I most want to put forward. They make up the 4th, 5th and 6th sections on the navigation bar.

And then: the two penultimate sections: 'Co-operative Structures' and 'Destination'.

It is not easy to grasp the history of economics. I view Adam Smith and Karl Marx as its two most important figures. And the central concern of both of them was resources - their ownership and their control.   

Way back many thousand of years and many thousands of generations, this must have been the case in villages in the uncultivated and abundant wild forests.

In the long historical gap between those hunter-gatherer days and the start of feudalism, there has been very little recorded history. There must have been a gelling within the roles that characterised the social structures of those pre-historical days to those that eventually formed the roles that came to shape the use of resources in such a way that could be described as entrepreneurial. And so we have arrived at the concepts and practices of the Market and of central control.

The Market; and Central Control. 

Yes. That deep gap between faith in Ďthe marketí on one side and in central control on the other: this chasm needs some solid articulation of remedial political and economic structures - where are they?

Because, to my mind and the minds of increasing numbers of people, there is a third way: The Co-operative. Some of the work I have done seems very relevant and this remains one of my prime motives in setting up this website. Indeed I consider it now my mission in my remaining years to articulate and help push into the political arena the issue of co-operative structures.

In Sept 2013, I attended a very excellent conference set up by Ethical Consumer in association with New Internationalist and Red Pepper. It's title was:

Is there a Co-operative Alternative to Capitalism? 

And a book was launched:  'People Over Capital: The Co-operative Alternative to Capitalism?'  I recommend this book as an absolute MUST to anyone concerned with this issue - published by New Internationalist Publications Ltd, see < >.

Since the financial crisis of 2008, there has been a huge growth, worldwide, of the co-operative movement. Of course there are many problems, expertly addressed in this book.

In a remarkable statistic, put out by the International Co-operative Alliance, 'more than a billion people are now involved in co-operative ventures - as members, customers,, employees or worker/owners. Co-operatives also provide over 100 million jobs - 20 per cent more than transnationals.' (People Over Capital p 34).

I still think my own work, done several decades ago and recorded here in the articles mentioned above, has value and a useful place.

Here I offer two slogans:

1. The dictatorship of the multinational corporations is as dangerous as ever was the dictatorship of the proletariat. And:
2. Our Evolution as Human Beings enables us to be capable of an interaction much more functional than the dysfunctional interaction so often seen and practised today.

Perhaps I should have put the articles first. As said, they are what I most want to put forward - but I have to admit there is a lot else here from my long life. And many people tell me after seeing the website how much they like the pictorial history etcetera - as I said they get SEDUCED by it, as was I!  Indeed it is, and I find it, absorbing, interesting, attractive.  BUT what I want, please, is for you to GET SERIOUSLY INTO THE ARTICLES!  More up-to date material will slowly collect in the sections 'Co-operative Structures' and 'Destination'.  

Well, so be it, OK, and a little entertainment to start!  Some fun; chuck out some stuff; bit of an archive (more is held on memory sticks - better than boxes in the attic...); some pride in things Iíve achieved and an attempt at acceptance of things I havenít; as said, make public some short films and shows; and:

I do not want to leave a mess behind! Rather, perhaps, some sort of a celebration, I hope. And, (again): the articles. 

No discussion or blog section. If you particularly like something or are interested by it use the contact email and we can communicate that way.
So - go ahead. Iíve stayed with my starting aim, so those items are at the top of the navigation column on the left, and now also at the bottom, in 'Co-operative Structures' and 'Destination'. Especially, please, attention to all those articles. 

I realise (and people have told me) there is a great deal of material on this website.  However, it should not be difficult to find what you are after by using the navigation bar (and its sub-sections) on the left of this home page. 

It's far from finished.  Is a website ever finished? 
Research...  Politics...  If I were younger -- !

The material in this website is in my copyright, if you want to use it, please contact me first - in any event, please acknowledge. (To download a picture or section of text, download whole article first, by clicking on left-hand symbol in box which appears temporarily at bottom of page, then select and copy from downloaded doc on your computer.)  (Also: to decrease size of text of article, click on the -sign in that box)