Performance Group,Travels and Growth Movement

Art and Politics; Communal Living; Responsibility and the Growth Movement.

These articles take a broader look at related material:

bringing in some things we did (some of them strange things!) in the performing group Further Granulated Advice - for more pictures, some notations we used, and adding to this article, see the item FGA in 'Gallery';

an account of a journey I made, with my children, to visit my mother's family in Georgia - a very different society and of great interest to me personally;

an account of living in a squatted communal house in a communal squatted street; a valuable experience for me and I believe all of us there.

a description of a remarkable organisation laboratory, international, in France (a lot of fun this one!);

and a critical look at the politics of the Growth Movement at the time.

1. Happenings - - -

An account of what we did in our 'happenings' group in late 60s/early 70s. See also FGA and the end part of Royal Court and Theatre, both in 'Gallery'.

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2. More About Who I Am Responsible For - -

A visit to my mother's family in Georgia. It was written in the context of 'responsibility', social structure and change. (- written after 5 below - Who I Am Responsible For). Again, of its time yet seems relevant still. My central position is still usefully expressed in the penultimate paragraph. And my values as listed in relation to responsibility I still stand by as part of a humanist ethic.

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3. St Agnes Place - squatting and communal living - -

A chapter from 'Squatting - the real story'. Details of a squat in St Agnes Place. I lived in a communal house in this communal street for a couple of years. Eventually it became a housing association - but only after it had been saved early one famous morning in 1976 when residents climbed on the roofs to protect the houses from machines sent in by the Council - and then managed to get an immediate court order to prevent their destruction.

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4. A 5-Language Laboratory - -

An account of the international organisation laboratory 'Organisation Today And Tomorrow' held in France at Chateau de Charbonniéres in 1972.  There are some nice pictures taken at the lab which are in 'Gallery' in 'Groups and Organisations'. You can see some of the people involved in the world described in these articles, including, in this collection, several of our European colleagues.

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5. Who Am I Responsible For - -

- a critique of 'responsibility' as understood in the Growth Movement in the 1970s. I found this interesting to re-read in that it describes what was going on at the time (and 'encounter groups' etc don't exist any more) and yet seems relevant to what remains our predicament today.

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