My plans so far for this section are:

A piece about Death and Dying

Some extracts from my mother's memoir, written in the last few years of her life

Four pieces about sex - maybe they should be in a sub-section with the title Xtras.

 A rather mixed bag - well, so be it. I didn't know where else to put them. There will likely be some more (not  Xtras I think!)

(NB - if you got to this page through Google - I did not intend it to appear separately on a search. My main purpose in this website is to make accessible a number of articles I wrote when working with organisations and in mature-student education - to do with co-operative structures and collective decision-making. PLEASE click on 'Home' at top of navigation bar on left).

Death and Dying -

Are you afraid of death? Do you think anything of you will continue after you die? A consideration of these two questions. Also addresses sadness and curiosity.

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Tough Humanism -

A start at an article about humanist values. To be extended, will then transfer to Destination I guess

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Sex Talk -

Fantasy of a sex-talk written for school-kids. Oct 2015 - I feel very dissatisfied now with this and plan to rewrite it completely. However, I thought it would be useful to leave the previous versions. New version will be done soon.

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Pleasure -

A Short Story

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Memorable Fucks -

An account of some specific sexual experiences that I remember - with wide differences in their nature, which I find interesting -

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A Very Sexist Conversation -

Script for a short film

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