Here are some pictures -
family and their background,
my education,
theatre ...

In this section I started with the idea of providing some bits of photo albums. My aim also was to supplement the 'Mini-Autobiography' and give a context for the written material. The main difference from this start point is that 'Gallery' seems to quite an extent to have taken over the autobiographical function.

So: a personal context and a social context in terms of various activities: illustrated!

(Important NB: This section ('Gallery') is part of my website. If you got to it through Google, I did not intend it to come up as a separate item. My main motive for setting up the website was to make accessible a number of articles by me. These record the history of courses, also work with organisations and a performing group, where we worked with co-operative structures and collective decision-making. PLEASE look at those in the website. The navigation bar for the website is on the left. Click on 'Home' to get the whole website - 'Gallery' is only intended to provide some context!)

My Grandparents and Parents - - -

from Georgia, from Germany -

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Berlin and After -- -

A full life in Weimar Berlin - then England, no hardship. A lot of friends.

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More Friends - -

Friends, musicians, pupils - my mother knew a lot of people and kept her life and contacts going.

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My Schools -- -

Oxford -

I studied Medicine at Oxford and of course had a lot of fun.

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Clinical Student, Doctor, Husband, Father - -

I did my clinical studies at The London Hospital. After my house-jobs, I specialised in psychiatry -- also I married and we had our first child.

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Wales - -

We went to live in Wales for a year or so --

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Royal Court and Coventry - -

Back in London at the Royal Court Theatre, then in Coventry at the Belgrade Theatre - and the Art School!

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Family Interlude - -

Yes, I was a family man at the time -

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Further Granulated Advice !

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Groups and Organisation - -

Here are some people and places (wish there were a few more) of that Poly and S-W London College time - described mainly in History and Design of Courses. 'A 5-Language Laboratory' is described (with nice pictures!) in Performance Group, Travels and Growth Movement. Structures and Exercises also provide, I think, some useful details.

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My Friends - -

Some of my good friends over the years. See other Gallery sections also of course.

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My Chidren - -

- can never see enough - will add more pictures -

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Grandchildren - -

Offspring bring a wonderful vertical symmetry: grandparents at the top, grandchildren at the bottom. One day it could extend to great-grandchildren! It's happening more often these days. Perhaps one day it will even happen to me - I have no plans to prevent it... (nor to encourage it either!)

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Self-Indulgence! - -

- yes, I admit it - one of these pictures shows me with my foot and lower leg in plaster with my small son, most of the rest just more me! A nice drawing by Gerrard Hoffnung. Well - second page does show some trapeze - not just me.

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