Mini Autobiography

This website is not intended as a personal archive. But a biographical sketch would seem useful.  What I am doing on this website has two contexts. The broader social-ideological context, which is an important part of my motive. And the personal context. I believe that any project such as this needs both.

When I started on this section my idea was to provide a personal context for the material - the two short films, the shows, a lot of articles; the 70 or so poems I found I'd written over the decades, most of which I want to share; and --- thereís the Gallery - pictures of my grandparents, parents, my dear children and grandchildren, family, some friends, some activities.  I'm glad to say the Gallery has done a bit of a take-over move in this autobiographical function - so this is just a bit more mini- than I'd expected - and all to the good.

(If you got here through Google - I certainly did not intend this section to come up as a separate item on a search. My aim in this website is to present the ARTICLES which I consider still and again relevant to our predicament today. This is a context, yes, the context of me. OK, hope you enjoy it. But PLEASE click on 'Home' to go to the website as a whole).

I so much donít want to keep lots of stuff. But throwing out papers, clicking the delete button - sometimes my hand or my finger wonít move. I'm sure everyone recognises this.

The decision to keep or to bin. Not easy. Even though one knows it will be energising once itís made. There are one or two things Iíve regretted throwing out over the years, but not many.

Please forgive repetition - some of this appears also in some article or other, but I wanted to put all of it in one place. Even with the Gallery taking over, it is a bit longer than I'd planned. Please forgive that also - but in the writing, the details all seemed to have some contextual significance.

A mini-autobiography -

I hope this brief autobiography will be useful in fulfilling what I have outlined as the need for social and personal contexts.

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