So where are we going? Who is 'WE'? Who is 'Us', or 'I', or 'Me'? That seems a good starting point.

'I' am part of 'we', 'we' are part of our family, our neighbourhood, our work-group, our nation, our globe. And: our globe, our nation, our work-group, our neighbourhood, our family, is part of Me.

So we can say:

What goes on in Me is a reflection of what goes on in Us; and what goes on in Us is a reflection of what goes on in Me.

We can only, I believe, understand what goes on inside us, or what goes on around us, if we understand that connection.

So what is OUR future? Where are we headed? How can we make that work - better than it is now or has been for most of the world's population for much of its history? What a ridiculously big question. A lifetime's work. And I haven't got a lifetime left!

Here are two pieces to start.

(NB - if you got to this page through Google - I did not intend it to appear separately on a search. My main purpose in this website is to make accessible a number of articles I wrote when working with organisations and in mature-student education - to do with co-operative structures and collective decision-making. PLEASE click on 'Home' at top of navigation bar on left. Actually, though, the second article here, just published and written this year - 2013 - is, of course, historically relevant).


Being Human (unfinished) -

The Ethics of Acting - -

Written in 2009, this article sets out to link certain phenomena in 'acting' with a certain kind of truthfulness; and with the social structures that I believe we need if we are to shape a better way of living together.

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Humanistic Psychology in Britain - Roots and History -

I wrote this article (was actually asked to!) in 2013 for the current issue of Self & Society, Vol.41 No.1 Autumn 2013. Self & Society is the international journal for the Association of Humanistic Psychology.
Several of the articles in the 3rd, 4th and 5th sections of the website were first published in Self & Society.
This one looks at the historical connection between humanistic psychology and the courses at the Polytechnic of North London and South-west London College, and at how I see the situation now and to come.

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Workshop - an advert! -

A Theatre-Improvisation workshop for artists in all fields - one of a series of workshops 'Imagination & Spirit' being run at St Matthews Church, Bayswater, London.

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