Projects Unachieved

There are quite a lot of projects that I did not achieve.

When to persist; when to let go? That big question.

Some of those unachieved projects still seem to me now (as they did at the time) quite good. If I had persisted, some of them might have got off the ground. That question: how to resolve it. Well, of course each of us has to deal with that issue for oneself, and for each project.

My first thought was to use this section to take a brief look at some of my unachieved projects, and to make a list of the achieved projects. Well, the achieved projects are pretty much on this website. Yes, I am proud of them. And I regret the unachieved - of which there have been many! I still have copies of some. Can't throw them out! 

But it's the unachieved projects that interest me here. All that work. All that energy. All that time. All that paper, stored somewhere, in case... in case of what? What stopped me throwing them away? What makes it hard now, stops my hand moving to the paper-throw-out-box to take to the recycling bin which is conveniently just a few steps from where I live?

Well, of course now we have the memory stick - assuming we have it on digital, which some (only some) of the stuff I seem to be wanting to keep I have. Doesn't need much of a box in the attic for one or two of those! (And either scanning or a dictation programme even makes transcribing to digital a possible prospect if the need is felt to be that compelling).

I did not foresee that I would find myself deep in this issue when I started on the website. Itís irrelevant to its main purpose. Yet here I am, reading old stuff, stuck with it, deep in it on this day (it's April 2013) - my hope is that doing this will take me through that process and the decks will clear!

So what I have decided to do mainly is to tackle the second part of that big question. I will do a brief description of some of those unachieved projects, but mainly, and specifically, I will try to work on the issue of how to feel OK about unachieved projects.

The Big Question - -

Embracing non-achievements - an attempt! A move toward the enjoyment and valuing of 'process' rather than 'outcome'. Mindfulness as a way (not always easy!) on that road --

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