Co-operative Structures

As already indicated, since the financial collapse of 2008 there has been a huge increase world-wide of co-operative organisations and enterprises. A remarkable statistic from the International Co-operative Alliance tells us that Co-operatives provide over 100 million jobs - 20 per cent more than transnationals.

There is one difficulty in description. There are many different kinds of co-operative, depending on the community they come from or serve.

There is another fundamental financial difficulty. How do co-operatives interact with the existing capitalist and free market economy?

I shall attempt to deal with both these problems in this section. But there is much to write. So far there is just the one article.

History. The Rochdale Pioneers are generally regarded as the first historical signpost of the co-operative movement. For me, the handing over of the Brazilian company Semco by father to son is the second. But as recounted here it is inaccurate and needs rewriting. I am working on this.

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